The Race Day Bible

With the Melbourne Cup fever taking over the country… I was saddened to see almost as many race wear “don’ts” as there were fashion “do’s!”

Below are a few tips to make sure you look chic and not trashy on race day!

  • You should always have something on your head. It can be a hat, a fascinator or even a hatinator. Appropriate fabrics change between seasons.
  • Research seasonal guidelines (posts on this coming soon) as they differ between autumn and spring. Something that may be totally on the mark for the cooler months could be frowned upon in spring, by those in the know.
  • To avoid looking out of place always check if the event has a dress code (e.g. black and white for Derby Day).
  • Shoes and bags in neutral colours (think nude, tan and black) prevent the outfit looking too “matchy.”
  • If you’re wearing a print choose one of the less prominent colours and use that to match to your head piece.
  • If you’ve chosen a block colour dress try to use the colour wheel and find headwear in a complimentary colour, instead of the same colour (e.g. purple and yellow).
  • Remember the races are NOT a nightclub… If it’s not acceptable for church it’s not ok for the track.
  • Choose a dress without too much leg, too much cleavage or too much sparkle.  An appropriate skirt length is mid-thigh and below.
  • Invest in appropriate underwear and keep it hidden – this includes bras and straps as well as VPL (visible panty lines).
  • It is never OK to be bare foot, so make sure the shoes you choose are “broken in” and comfortable.
  • Wedges are a smart choice if you’re going to be on grass, and look far chicer than those little plastic heel stops.
  • If you struggle in heels choose some cute flat sandals, and if you want to take shoes for the end of the day make them formal flats not thongs.
  • Make up should be subtle, especially eye makeup – if you want some colour wear a bright lipstick.
  • Please don’t overdo it on the fake tan – a natural glow is far nicer than looking like an Oompa Loopa.

  • While Clutches are cute, bags with a strap are far more practical – and less likely to get lost…
  • A few nifty supplies could save your day: double-sided tape, a few safety pins, band-aids, tissues, a pen (for selecting your horses) and some touch up make-up.
  • Remember as an overarching rule the theme for the races is classy, sophisticated and elegant.
  • Finally – A smile is your best accessory, and have fun!

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