What to Wear When… It’s Christmas Day

What to wear on Christmas day has always been somewhat of a bug-bare for me…

I usually decide not to pre-plan an outfit under the illusion that I will get fabulous new clothes on Christmas morning to wear… Then when nothing suitable arrives from Santa I run around frantically for hours searching for something!

Finding just the right festive outfit for Christmas Day is harder than it sounds, you need an outfit that will carry you through breakfast, lunch and dinner, countless “family photos,” playing with cousins on the grass and copious amounts of food (and alcohol). You want to look smart and stylish but still be casual, relaxed and most of all comfortable!

(I’ve split this post into two, winter Christmas and summer Christmas. To cover every condition.)

No matter where you spend your Christmas I think it’s a fun idea to keep it festive by considering Christmas colours. A pop of red or white (avoid both so you don’t get mistaken for Santa) can work wonders!

For summer think loose shapes, both to help survive the heat and hide that “food baby”, and light weight easy to wear fabrics. I am a huge fan of the idea of a play suit! The shorts mean you can roll around on the ground with the children while still looking sophisticated and stylish. Another great option is a flowing maxi-dress, which will hide a multitude of Christmas lunch sins… or even take a note out of Katie Holmes book and do grown up chic with a white “man-style” pant and tee.

My top tip however, is flat sandals! You never know if there will be enough chairs for the whole family… or if your nieces will want you to take them for a walk around the entire neighborhood to see the Christmas lights once the sun goes down.

Finally make sure whatever you choose it’s comfortable, because chances are it will be a long day…

Celeb summer style

Now if you are north of the equator chances are your main priority will be warmth!

I feel like you can’t really go wrong with a stylish jeans and boots combo with a festive red scarf or beanie. Alternatively keep Sienna’s red Chloe boot’s are an absolute show stopper with the neutral palette of the rest of her outfit.
Again I cannot stress comfort enough so make sure whatever pants you choose the have a little stretch or room for growth!

Celeb winter style

Finally here are some gorgeous shopping options for a winter or summer Silly Season.

Xmas Buy Me



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