What to Wear When… Its Music Festival Season

I love a good music festival! And not just for the beats… I love the feel of a festival environment, I love that everyone is in a good mood (for the most part) and most of all I love the people watching! Over the past few years the “street style” aspect has become just as much a talking point as the line ups. So how do you make sure you are a festival do and not a festival disaster!?

There are a few key elements to remember when dressing for a music festival that will not only keep you comfortable and dancing all day, but also give you that nonchalant carefree look that is almost a prerequisite for looking “cool” in the mosh pit.

Pic 2

Firstly it’s important to always be prepared  “Be Prepared!” This means checking out the location details, event services provided and weather before planning your outfit. Is the venue grass or concrete? Is the area prone to getting muddy? Does the event have a bag drop, free sun cream etc?Are there porta-loos or fixed toilet blocks? All of these things will affect your outfit choice…

  • Dress for the weather! And if you aren’t sure what the conditions will be have two options (sunny and cold) so when you wake up on the day and the weather conditions have changed your ready to roll.
  • If its raining, wear gumboots… They not only look super fun but they are practical as well.
    If it’s not raining I would recommend sand shoes or sandals with a back on them, thongs tend to get lost in the crowd. Ankle boots are also a great option but make sure the heel is comfortable as you’ll be standing, jumping and dancing for a long time.
  • Layering is a great trick for festivals, if the weather changes you can layer up or layer down and it gives off that rock chic air of “I don’t care” all at the same time.
    Think crochet dresses with checked shirts and a tough leather jacket or a cropped tee over a boyfriend style singlet.
  • If you get tired and like to sit down wear shorts, because no-one wants to see your underwear – and if you must wear a dress, because lets face it sometimes you MUST, then wear a pair of cropped bike shorts underneath for security.
  • Be comfortable, constantly pulling down a too tight/ short skirt instantly looses you style cred.
  • With accessories,the more the merrier! Headbands, hats, and bracelets and necklaces are all do’s. Just make sure your bracelets aren’t going to get caught on other people when in tight spaces and that your charm on your necklace wont bounce around and smack you in the face while dancing.
  • A cool pair of shades are pretty much compulsary if you want rock it.
  • Have fun and be yourself. It doesn’t matter if your a closet hippie or you want to rock out like it’s 1999, music festivals are all about having fun so play up whatever look you’re trying to achieve.
  • If all else fails a pair of denim cut-offs, flat ankle boots and a loose tee or singlet will never let you down.

Pic 1

I also recommend putting together a little survival kit so you always look cool, calm and rock ready… After all attitude is key. I like to take one big bag which I drop and the “bag-drop” usually costs between $2-$5. And a smaller cross body bag for the whole day.

Big Bag:

  • Jacket – even in summer it can cool down during the evening
  • Tights – if you know its going to get cold later
  • A poncho – as I said earlier Be Prepared
  • Your house/ car keys – trust me they are safer there
  • A hat – just in case it gets hot.

Small Bag:

  • Money pouch – don’t ever take your whole wallet to a festival, all you need is Id, Money Card and Cash
  • Band-aids
  • Safety pins – to fix any wardrobe malfunctions that occur in the mosh pit
  • Travel pack of tissues – because the toilets always run out of paper
  • Water – you may have to buy this once you get inside
  • Phone
  • Camera – to catch all those golden moments
  • Suncream.

Brand Pic

The above brands are favorites of many festival goers due to their awesome boho and rock stylings. I also find their look books offer some great inspiration when it comes to creating your own look.

Finally here are some great festival outfits you can create yourself. Happy festival season:

Fest Buy Me


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