What to Wear When… You’re on a Yacht

I was extremely excited to be invited to spend Australia Day with some of my closest girlfriends cruising Sydney Harbor on a Yacht…
However my elation was quickly replaced by dread when I realized I had no idea what the dress code for a “yacht party” was! I’d never
been on a luxury boat before and a quick Google search returned nothing but celebrities swanning about in swimwear and models
in sailor hats – what was I to do!? And more importantly what was I to wear!?

After re-reading the invite and digging a little deeper into the depths of the internet, I realized the best route to take was resort glam.
The below brands are the obvious choice for outfits and inspiration:

Brands(For the record, before I start with my tips I want to make it clear that in this post I’m talking about a day on a luxury motor yacht involving sight seeing and champagne, not an active day
involving swimming, jet skis and the like.)

So what should we all be looking for in an outfit for our boat party?

  • Generally speaking boating events are relatively classy, even if casual, so steer clear anything overtly sexy.
  • A lightweight and flowy maxi or knee length dress or mini romper scream resort, beach and sun.
  • Look for outfits in silk or chiffon to avoid your outfit looking like you’re heading down to the beach.
  • If the event is a bit more casual sheer paneling and crochet offer a summery feel to any outfit.
  • Pair your outfit with a nice pair of flat sandals as a lot boats don’t allow heels (take some cute heels in your bag if you’re planning on heading out once back on land).
  • If it’s an evening event, or the weather looks a bit cooler, a thin knit or lightweight blazer are the most appropriate options depending on your outfit.
  • Shorts and a dress top are also an option but again make sure you look for luxe fabrics and flowy shapes.
  • An oversized pair of shades are a must to look chic while boating.
  • Don’t forget to pack some suncream in your bag as you’ll likely be out in direct sun for a lot of the time and bright red skin looks good on no-one.


  • It’s ok to pay homage to the nautical with primary colours and horizontal stripes – but keep it classy.
  • Finally remember it’s not a fancy dress party… so avoid sailor hats and cheesy motifs, you want your look to be more Olivia Palermo than Paris Hilton.

Here are some cute options for outfits I found that would be appropriate for your next yacht event.

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