What to Wear When… It’s Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I was looking for inspiration for my date…

When I searched “Valentine’s Day Outfits” a plethora of imagery appeared with cheesy looking outfits that were more shocking than stylish. These images full of  heart print dresses and cupid print’s got me thinking – how do you pay subtle homage to the lovers holiday without looking like a Hallmark card?

The key is in the colour… a splash of red mixed with other hues and subtle floral prints rather all out hearts galore.

Below are some street style inspo pics of women who get red right!


So whether your going on your first date, having an anti-Valentine’s day or attending a fancy soiree we have your outfit sorted…

Option one (my personal fave) is what to wear on a first date (or any date on V Day)…
You want to look stylish and sexy but not flashy or trashy – The hints of love in this combo with the red clutch, floral shirt and heart necklace whisper romance rather than screaming it!

Option 1

The next option is for a “fancy affair.” Maybe he’s taking you to the best restaurant in town, or you have a Valentine’s Day event to attend. Either way you can count on this mix of designer and high street to make you a show stopper!

Option 2

Our last option is for the “Anti Valentine’s Day” outfit. Hanging with the girls, celebrating friendship and the single life. It’s saying no thanks to Valentine’s Day while still saying yes to romance.

Option 3


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