What I Wore… On Valentine’s Day

I was lucky enough to be taken out for dinner on Valentine’s Day by my long-term partner, to a Malaysian banquet down in Darling Harbour, Sydney. We use Valentine’s Day as a great excuse to try new and fun restaurants in the gorgeous city in which we live. It was a wonderful night full of delicious food, French champagne and dessert cocktails ( I know yum right).


I decided early on I did not want to wear red on my date, as I felt it a touch contrived, as well as the fact I don’t really wear red any other day of the year. So my amazing Stylestalker “Holographic Dress” was a light violet colour, still feminine but not overtly “Valentinesy.” I added my touch of red with my vintage clutch and accessories. This made the whole outfit feel festive without being over the top and had the added bonus of adding a subtle colour clash to the look. I have been dying for an excuse to debut my new McQueen shoes and the wonderful structured nature of this dress was just screaming out for some butter soft leather and shiny gold studs.


Clutch Vintage | Accessories Vintage & Diva | Dress Stylestalker from David Jones | Shoes Alexander McQueen from Cosmopolitan Shoes



One comment

  1. kim naismith · · Reply

    WOW WOW WOW You looked like a Princess

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