What to Wear When… The Wedding is at the Beach

While away on my Byron escape (see previous post here) I will be attending the wedding of a dear friend.
I am super excited about this wedding and about being in Byron Bay to relax and recuperate. One thing I do not want to do while on holiday is stress, and that includes about my outfit. I want to be prepared and satisfied in my dress choice so on the day I simply have to wake up and feel fabulous.

When considering what to wear to a beach wedding always read the invite first – as this is the guiding force for your decision making. In my opinion a beach wedding is generally a more relaxed affair than say a garden or church wedding. However, this relaxed vibe doesn’t mean you don’t have to make an effort with your outfit. Quite the opposite in fact – sometimes looking relaxed can be more difficult.

The invite for the wedding I am attending said “Dress to Impress – After five Cocktail.” To me this means cocktail attire with a twist (permission to have fun with your look). There are really two ways you can go with a beach wedding… A glam Kaftan (think Camilla) or a more structured shape with a bit of colour or a print (more traditional wedding attire but fun). There are pro’s and con’s for both options and it really comes down to personal preference.

As with all my posts I stress, following the dress code laid out and not looking like you are attending a night club, or in this case like you just stumbled of the beach after a swim, it’s still a wedding remember.

Below are some of my favourite options that are around at the moment.




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