What to Wear When… You’re Working Out

This post comes after a request from a reader… The brief was simple hot work out outfits with a “funky” touch from unique brands to help you stand out from the crowd while you get fit. Never one to shy away from a challenge we scoured the web (mostly our favourite active wear website Stylerunner) for the best work out clothes, no matter what your discipline! We hope you enjoy our picks below…


When you’re heading to the gym it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming, other people watching you, mirrors every way you turn… You want to look stylish and “professional” but still wear clothes that work for you. Never fear we have you covered

Gym 1Casall pants $105.00 | Mix at Coles crop $10.00 | Saucony shoes $179.95 | Pilot Athletic tank $90.00 | L’urv $229.00


If yoga is your thing then you know you need hard-working clothing that is form-fitting and breathable. As much as you love your loose-fitting dance tee it’s not very practical when you’re doing a head stand and your beloved tee falls over your face and you are swathed in sweaty darkness! You also need to consider what you wear too and from class as bare feet and a bra may not be accepted so well on the street… Enter the following:

Gym 2

Beyond Yoga pant $89.00 | Work Out Life jacket $238.00 | Converse sneakers $90.00 | Work Out Life crop $66.00 | Beyond Yoga crop $59.00


So you love to hit the pavement no matter the weather? Enter our perfect running ensemble! Comfortable and loose (with the option of sunnies or windbreaker so there is no excuses) and made for the road. High Vis isn’t just for workmen either it will ensure you get seen by cars and stay safe on your journey… We really thought of everything this time:

Gym 3

Striders Edge tank $79.00 | Under Armour crop $20.00 | Carrera sunnies $150.00 | Running Bare shorts $65.00 | Ice watch $224.00 |
Nike sneakers $200.00 | Electric Yoga jacket $108.00


If casual exercise is more your thing, like a walk in the evening with your girlfriends then never fear we have just the outfit for you. Stylish, comfortable and able to cover you if you (heaven forbid) get a little sweaty these pieces are everything you ever wanted and more:

Gym 4

Lululemon tee $85.00 | Carrera sunnies $185.00 | Work Out Life shorts $82.00 | CCM crop $70.00 | Sketchers $149.95


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