Never a Foot Wrong: Christine Centenera

Christine Centenera is the current Fashion Director of Vogue Australia, a women who is seen at every major fashion week around the world and always, always always (I cannot say always enough) looks ridiculously stylish! This super stylin’ Aussie started her career as a Marketing Assistant at Harpers Bazaar and quickly moved up the ranks as those above her recognized her effortless style and incredible eye for trends.

Never a foot wrong takes on a whole other meaning when used in the same sentence and Centenera, I have literally NEVER seen an image of her in an outfit that I don’t automatically wish was mine… It’s a special skill to be able to rock current trends and yet have them still look stylish and cool seasons later, especially in today’s throw away world.

This amazingly stylish and cool woman is 100% my favorite person in fashion and my current style crush… So in count down to MBFWA check out some of my fave looks from Vogues number 1 fashion star –

You can also follow her on intagram and facebook for endless style envy and inspiration

CC 1

CC 2

CC 3

CC 4

CC 5

[Images sourced via Pinterest & Google Images]


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