MBFWA: Day 1: Camilla and Marc

Camilla and Marc kicked off MBFWA celebrating their 10 year anniversary with their collection“Concentric.” As the first show for Fashion Week 2013 there was a lot of buzz around the show, and a lot of people there to see it. 

THEY SAY | “…The collection is inspired by the layers of the Russian Matryoshka Doll, citing parallels between the layered dolls and the brands own layered past… The result is a vivid, textural, sharp showcase of Camilla and Marc’s signature styles and silhouettes, updates with a modern viewpoint.”

I SAY For me this collection was a visual feast for the eyes, and the perfect way to kick off the week. The structured silhouettes combined with the feminine lace and soft draping of the gorgeous drop crutch pants offered up a contrast of aesthetics that worked together perfectly to deliver a seamless and lust-worthy collection.

WHAT I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUTleopard print drop crutch pants, orange shift dress, white leather biker jacket













[ Photo credit: Getty Images via Vogue.com & Devian Art]


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