MBFWA: Day 1: Group Swim

The group swim was one of the last shows Monday evening and one I was looking forward to immensely. As a “collector” of beautiful swimwear (about 40 pairs at last count) I can never get enough of seeing new styles and prints. Overall the show offered a variety of designs that showcased the talent of Australian swimwear designers.


THEY SAY | “The starting inspiration for the collection[s] was a Rodriguez song called Silver Magic Ships, singer MIA’s style and photos by Bill Henson and Harper Smith.”

I SAY | I think this may have been my favourite label from the group swim, with print goodness galore!

WHAT I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT | Contrast print bikini, graphic geometric romper.

DISCOVER THE BRAND | Maidenlove website

Maiden1 Maiden2


THEY SAY | “This collection remails true to it’s signature sports luxe style. Clean lines with pops of nautical, khaki greens, camos and soft hues of orange, this collection is on trend with small hints of neoprene, mesh and bold contemporary lines.”

I SAY | Sport luxe meets a feminine GI Jane.

WHAT I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT | Pink high neck bikini

DISCOVER THE BRAND | SKYE & Staghorn website



THEY SAY | “The ‘Elements’ Collection is inspired by the classical elements; earth water, air and fire and showcases the amazing colours found in nature. The collection is also largely inspired by photographs of Western Australian Outback Coast and its surrounds.”

I SAY | A decisively Australian feeling collection with a cohesive collection of organic prints.

WHAT I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT | Ocean print bandeau bikini.

DISCOVER THE BRAND | Gypsea website



THEY SAY | ‘The Amazing Adventures of Bonnie and Belle’ evokes a nostalgic feeling of past adventures two friends have shared while growing up together. Whenever the friends are in their swimmers they know an amazing adventure is around the corner. From the Sahara to South America they’ll be sure to be having a good time.”

I SAY | Feminine shapes with delicate lady like print’s and a return to old school glamour.

WHAT I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT | Frilled print one piece.

DISCOVER THE BRAND | Surface Too Deep website


[ Photo credit: MBFWA ]


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