MBFWA: Day 2: Jayson Brunsdon

Jayson Brunsdon’s “Obsession Collection” was presented by Myer on the second morning of fashion week. With a glamourous red carpet and special guest Myer ambassador Jen Hawkins, fresh from the Logies (where she wore Jason Brunsdon) – it was obvious this 10 year anniversary collection was never going to be a wallflower.  

THEY SAY | “…I concentrated on my obsessions editing to my favourite themes and enduring fascinations. The shapes and volumes of mid-century couture and the way those shapes frame a woman’s face and body in dramatic cinema stills inspires me. Cinema is a recurring influence for me. I design for a woman as if she is an actress in a beautiful film…” – Jayson Brunsdon

I SAY |  Jayson Brunsdon’s “Obsession Collection” brought a feel of old world Hollywood glamour into the 21st century. With demure lines and luxe fabrics the range offered the welcome contradiction of “conservative sexiness”

WHAT I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT | Ivory crepe dress, silver brocade halter dress, black metallic tweed dress









[Photo Credit: Getty Imaged via Vogue.com ]


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