MBFWA: Day 3: Watson x Watson

Day three saw me attend the Watson x Watson show. the set was a cross between out of this world space and under the sea coral and created a buzz in the air from the moment you walked into the room. And from the first look to the surfboards on the runway the buzz continued throughout the show. I like to consider myself somewhat of a “surfer girl” so you can imagine how I felt this collection (and Watson x Watson in general) was speaking directly to me, calling me to wear every piece – what can I say – I’m hooked.

THEY SAY | “With its style described as ‘surfer girl with an uptown twist’ the new Watson x Watson range encapsulates beachside memories elevated via abstract prints, fluid silks, sheer silk-cottons, reflective sequins and textures and metallic highlights. The range evolved from classic flannelette shirt prints and inspired a plethora of modern tailoring.”

I SAY | I describe this collection as surfer chic meets nineties glam. The cooler than cool tartan and water inspired prints with pops of sparkle created an interesting collection that flowed through. Add to that the on trend boxy tailored shapes and the occasional feminine flippy skirt this collection is sure to cover every facet of your split personality.

WHAT I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT | Grey tartan vest dress, blue water print shift, the shoes (oh the shoes) and I wouldn’t mind one of those awesome printed Misfit surfboard either.










Image Credit: Park Ave Pr ]


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