Brand In Focus: Gypsea

After seeing Gypsea’s collection at MBFWA this year I was excited to find out about this Australian grown label. Consisting of renowned world-class surf photographer Scott Bauer and Bali-based designer Emma Jones, Gypsea incorporates Scott’s world-class photographs into Emma’s love and inspiration from travel, the beach and the ocean. This unique collaboration of the two artists brings together their love for design and all things beautiful. They manipulate these images and styles together to create flattering, striking and unique pieces of wearable art.

Their latest collection “The Natural History Collection” celebrates images of some of nature’s most amazing creatures. The inspiration of the immense natural beauty in nature is the core of the Gypsea brand.


I am excited to share with you some words from the designers as well as some more imagery from the Fashion Week show…

What was your biggest hurdle in the lead up to fashion week?

Having everything ready in time, with so many minor details to finalize before the show it was a race against the clock!

How did you feel as you saw your first garment hit the runway?

There was a mass of anticipation between the two of us, but as soon as the first model stepped onto the runway pure excitement took over.

Who are most looking forward to seeing at this year’s fashion week?

Everyone, especially the other group swim designers. There was a great atmosphere backstage between us all and it was amazing to see what everyone had created.

What do you love most about fashion week?

The excitement in being able to show who we are as designers and the collection we have produced to the highest ranking industry professionals!

3 words to describe fashion week to someone who has never been?

Inspiring. Exciting. Dynamic.

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