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What to Wear When… You’re Spending the Summer in Europe

As you know I take requests from you, my readers, for event’s etc that you feel you need some inspiration for. One such request came through recently from a good friend of mine who is heading over to Copenhagen in a few weeks to attend summer school. This friend does not have the best track record […]

What to Wear When… You’re Working Out

This post comes after a request from a reader… The brief was simple hot work out outfits with a “funky” touch from unique brands to help you stand out from the crowd while you get fit. Never one to shy away from a challenge we scoured the web (mostly our favourite active wear website Stylerunner) […]

What to Wear When… The Wedding is at the Beach

While away on my Byron escape (see previous post here) I will be attending the wedding of a dear friend. I am super excited about this wedding and about being in Byron Bay to relax and recuperate. One thing I do not want to do while on holiday is stress, and that includes about my […]

What to Wear When… You’re Escaping to Byron Bay

Need a break from the daily grind? Had enough of city life? Tired of being tired?… I am! So I am running away, for a week at least, to the slower pace of Byron Bay, NSW. Known for it’s “hippy” history and boho vibe, Byron has always been the perfect escape. With the beautiful blue […]

What to Wear When… It’s Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I was looking for inspiration for my date… When I searched “Valentine’s Day Outfits” a plethora of imagery appeared with cheesy looking outfits that were more shocking than stylish. These images full of  heart print dresses and cupid print’s got me thinking – how do you pay subtle homage to […]

What to Wear When… There’s a Summer Storm

When I woke up to the heavy rain on my roof at the start of the week, my thoughts immediately turned to trench coats, scarfs and wooly jumpers, the comfort clothing of rainy weather. However, one look at the predicted temperatures quickly squashed any wintery outfits I had planned in my head. While the rain […]

What to Wear When… You’re on a Yacht

I was extremely excited to be invited to spend Australia Day with some of my closest girlfriends cruising Sydney Harbor on a Yacht… However my elation was quickly replaced by dread when I realized I had no idea what the dress code for a “yacht party” was! I’d never been on a luxury boat before […]